Hello 😊! My name is Forrest, and I'm an award winning composer 🎶 and music educator 👨🏻‍🏫 with a background in front-end web development 🖥. Thanks for checking out my website 👋🏻.


About me

Since 2016, I have been focused primarily on composing musical engines and ecosystems that provide both the performer and the listener with a unique sonic experience 😃. My goal, both as an artist and educator, is to nuture and enhance personal musical relationships. Outside of music, I am a professional front-end web developer who specializes in responsive design. I love ❤ World of Warcraft, making videos for my YouTube channel, and hanging out with my dog 🐶 Fillmore. If you're not on mobile, you can learn more about me by unmuting my interview above. Otherwise, click below to learn more.

About me

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Accessible & Interactive

From music for games to contemporary concert music, I write in a myriad of different styles depending on the occasion. My hallmarks as a composer are interactive web-based composition, and free-but-deliberately-spaced notation. The most unifying attribute behind all my music is accessibility. I always strive for my music to be an activity in a time where music is mostly consumed passively. Check out my complete portfolio by clicking below 😀!

My portfolio

Apps that make you go 🎵😮

Whether you're a music student taking a class on 20th century techniques, or you need a quick and easy way to find partials of a particular frequency, my apps are simple and intuitive to use with a modern UI. That explains why most of my apps are on the front page of Google when you search for them 🤣. Did I also mention that they are free to use?! Check out all of my apps below 😀!

Do you like what you see 😲?

Want to get in contact with me about a commission? Or maybe you want me to build you a website of your own? How about hiring me for private lessons? Feel free to get in touch over social media or through e-mail. I have a host of music and tech related skills and experience that you can check in more detail by clicking below.